How to connect with your intuition

How to connect with your intuition

We all know this uncomfortable feeling that builds up in our body when something doesn't feel right. An uneasiness that arises when we meet certain people or find ourselves in certain situations. Anxiety, panic and fear spread throughout our body ... and it is precisely there, the gut feeling, that warned us in advance.

The first impulse that comes up in us even before we find ourselves in these situations. It is our natural alarm system, our intuition, which is the first to know if something bad is looming, even before our head realizes it.

Unfortunately, we increasingly forget to listen to our first impulse and try to talk things through nicely, why we are wrong, exaggerate, etc. and suppress it. Over time we unlearn to listen to and trust our intuition. We often find that when we think about people, situations or things in retrospect, our first impulse was usually correct.

How do I learn to connect with my intuition:

Try to pause right in these moments. Consider whether it is worth your time and energy and ask yourself where the greater good lies.

What happens when you connect with your intuition:

When we learn to trust our intuition again, we are able to make more conscious and sustainable decisions. We feel more grounded, are more resistant to negative influences and our basic trust is strengthened. We gain self-confidence and well-being and radiate this. It enables us to attract people who are more reflective and more aware of their own actions.

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