Do you know your own worth?

Do you know your own worth?

You cannot expect other people to appreciate you and give you what you want unless you first realized your own worth. 

You cannot expect from the outside that you will be given what you have not yet given yourself inside, namely your own worth, your "self-worth". 


If you don't yet know who you are, what you stand for, what defines you and how valuable you are, how are others supposed to recognize it? 

Disappointment, frustration, anger and insecurity are therefore often inevitable. 

Accordingly I can recommend to you, that you take time for yourselfto deal with yourself. 


Because have you ever asked yourself: 

How important are my own needs to me?

What is important to me in life?

What are my talents?

What values do I represent? Do I represent them because I don't know any other way and grew up that way, or because I am behind it out of my own conviction? 

Do I know my strengths? 

Am I aware of my weaknesses? If so, how do I deal with it?

What touches me?

Do I love myself? 

Friends, partners, and bosses won't show you their full appreciation if you haven't already. 


Work on yourself for yourself!! 

Love yourself the way you want others to love you andif you still need help with that, I'm here. 

I am there and walk with you on the path to self-love and help you to recognize your own worth and to stand up for it.

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