Hey, how nice that you are here!

I am Bianca Maria Geissler, a mindfulness and trained holistic leadership and personality coach from Cologne.

I know exactly how you feel because I haven't always been as happy and confident as I am today ...

For many years I was not aware of my self-worth and my abilities. Due to my sensitivity, I have often perceived people and situations more emotionally and profoundly than others. Issues have often kept me occupied and thought-provoking for a long period of time.

I used to be unable to classify my high sensitivity and for a long time felt it was a weakness. In many moments I was overwhelmed by my "emotional nature" and it left me confused.

I was not conscious of my own strengths and abilities and was therefore also disillusioned and disoriented for a long time professionally. Again and again I found myself comparing to other people and their lives and so often felt inferior and depressed. Maybe that sounds familiar to you ...

Looking back, in my life I found myself repeatedly in situations in which I was confronted with the same issues until I had internalized them and was finally able to break through the patterns. It wasn't always easy, mostly even painful, but the change was necessary in order to develop and advance myself, and eventually to be able to radiate my inner well-being and self-confidence.

Only now do I realize that it is precisely my high sensitivity that is my strength and that ultimately makes me the fulfilled person I am today.

Durch meine eigenen Erfahrungen habe ich mich immer mehr mit den Themen Achtsamkeit, Persönlichkeitsentwickelung, Lebenseinstellungen, Meditation und ganzheitlichem Life Coaching befasst. Das führte dazu, dass ich 2018 meine Ausbildung zum ganzheitlichen Führungs- und Persönlichkeitscoach in Köln gemacht habe. Besonders wichtig ist mir dabei der Aspekt „des Ganzheitlichen“, da im Leben alles zusammenhängt. Wie im Großen, so im Kleinen, wie innen so auch außen und ohne Schatten, kein Licht. Aus diesem Grund habe ich „Bianca Geissler – an integral way of viewing things“ gegründet, da es immer eine ganzheitliche Betrachtungsweise braucht um Menschen, Situationen und Dinge beleuchten zu können.

I recognized my abilities, turned my supposed weakness into my strength and used it for change. Today I am more aware than ever of who I am, what I want and what I expect from life. Are you ready for it too?

You can overcome your low points, grow out of your challenges, change your attitude towards life, leave your comfort zone, develop your full potential and therefore make your life more mindful, happier and more sustainable.

Will this be easy...definitely not! Every beginning is difficult and change always requires overcoming. But don't worry, you are not alone in this, I am there for you, support you and together we will take your first step in the right direction.

Are your ready for change? Because the time is now!

Love Bianca