Maybe that sounds familiar to you:

Do you feel unfulfilled, unappreciated and unhappy in your job or relationship?

Do you feel like you are standing in your own way and have not yet recognized your full potential?

Are you not yet aware of your abilities and talents and often feel lost as a result?

Do you keep scrolling around on Instagram / Facebook / TikTok and feel more depressed and worthless every time?

Do you constantly compare yourself and your life with other people and often feel lost and lonely?

As a trained holistic leadership and personality coach, I would like to help you bring yourself and your life back into balance. I want to show you the positive effects it can have if you treat yourself more carefully and lovingly. So that, when you have overcome your personal hurdles, you can develop your full potential and find yourself again.

I can help you with the following:

Talent Identification, Promotion & Career Advice

To determine your abilities and talents, to highlight them and to strengthen your self-confidence to the maximum. So that you are able to live your full potential and turn your passion into a profession.

Life Coaching

To analyze the feeling of persistent listlessness, anxiety, panic attacks and depression, to work on it together and finally to overcome it. So that you can go through life strengthened, grounded and full of new self-confidence.

Life Balancing

To find or regain your inner balance, to bring yourself back into harmony and to come into your basic trust so that you are rooted and nothing can throw you off course! I will help you to recognize your self-worth and to use it individually for you, so that your supposed weaknesses become your strengths and you can bring your light out into the world!

Mindfulness Teaching

To give you tools to hand on how you can deal better with stress, treat yourself more lovingly and carefully and in consequence cope with your everyday life in a more fulfilled and happier way.

Social Media Detox

To improve your online behavior and make it more sustainable through a healthier use of social media. So that you can use online media more carefully and more efficiently without letting your self-worth suffer or slipping into the spiral of comparison.


150 € per hour

I recommend a free introductory talk at the beginning

Online sessions take place via Google Hangout / Microsoft Teams / Zoom
* Personal price agreement possible in individual cases

Each coaching unit is individual and is treated with the utmost confidentiality.