Meditation for Beginners:

Meditation for Beginners:

Have you tried meditation before? If not, I can highly recommend it to you!

Because meditating is nothing more than a little break from your hectic life and environment. It is the time that you take to listen to yourself, sort your thoughts, interrupt everyday life for a short moment and enjoy the complete silence.

In this state you are completely with yourself, come to rest and gain clarity. This can help you overcome anxiety, stress, discomfort, and problems. Since you are completely with yourself, it helps you to listen better to your intuition and therefore to be able to make decisions more easily. 

The nice thing about meditating is that you can do it anytime, anywhere, as often as you want. In the beginning it doesn't matter how long or how often you meditate. As with many things, it is just important that you stick with it and develop a routine so that you can feel a change in you over the long term.  

I would like to give you the following recommendations for getting started with meditation, as they helped me a lot:


If you already feel more confident about meditating, I can recommend you to practice completely in silence and WITHOUT a MOBILE PHONE, as this will deepen your personal feelings.

Here are my personal 5 Tipps for meditating in silence:

  1. Do not allow interference

Turn off all devices such as cell phones, laptops, etc. so that nothing or anyone can disturb you during this time.

  1. Make yourself comfortable

Whenever you meditate, make sure you find a nice place that you are cozy in and that you wear something comfortable to sit in or lie in. Then close your eyes.

  1. Focus on your breath

Inhale and exhale deeply and try to concentrate only on that and not to allow other thoughts.

  1. Slow awakening

If you feel that it is enough for you or you can no longer focus, open your eyes and slowly bring yourself back into the present. Breathe slowly and deliberately with your eyes open a few more times.

  1. Hydrating

After your meditation, you should definitely drink a glass of water or tea in order to feel vital again.


Have fun meditating!


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